Harpswell Capital Advisors, LLC is an investment boutique offering specialized investment services for foundations, endowments, institutions and families. Harpswell’s OCIO model brings countless advantages to you and we are 100% committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. In this world of not knowing where some firms stand, rest assured that Harpswell always serves as a fiduciary for each and every client and we are committed to your best interest!

Harpswell Advisors evolved from an institutional firm that managed assets for some of the largest and most sophisticated global investors to one that brings an exceptional level of focus and expertise to the foundations, endowments and families we serve. Our team has unparalleled institutional investment experience and this depth sets us apart.

Harpswell stresses diversification, risk management and a long-term perspective. We deploy well-reasoned tactical positions that take advantage of market dislocations and emerging opportunities. We use passive (index) funds where active managers are unlikely to add value and complement them with specialized active fund managers who meet our very high standards. This approach translates into a real advantage for your investments.

Harpswell is committed to maintaining a very limited roster of clients to ensure we continue to deliver a level of service that exceeds the standards established by typical advisors and investment banks. We bring an effective approach to investing your assets and we believe it is one that has material advantages for you. Finally, we work hard to keep your trust every day!

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