The Harpswell Advantage, versus traditional investment advisors and Wall Street investment banks is exceptionally compelling. The advantage, paired with a team that brings extensive institutional investment experience to your portfolio, is a very powerful asset that best serves you and your portfolio.

The Harpswell Advantage starts with the adoption of the outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) model. This is the same approach most college endowments and family offices utilize as the advantages versus the traditional approach to investing are extensive. Traditionally, firms commonly utilize internal resources to pick stocks, bonds and set asset allocations. Harpswell recognized that it is very unlikely that one entity has the best-in-breed managers for all asset classes under one roof and therefore it is better to seek out the best and build a portfolio using managers from a variety of firms. Harpswell builds each portfolio using funds from several of the world’s most well-respected investment managers and we feel we are pretty darn good at identifying talent.

We think that the OCIO model is analogous to building an all-star sports team. It is hard to envision that limiting your talent to those on one team, or firm, to be superior to our approach.

Another advantage to utilizing specialized managers for each allocation within the portfolio relates to performance analysis and manager accountability. We analyze the portfolio from a granular perspective as it enables us to assess each manager relative to their specific benchmark and more easily identify talent as well as potential performance issues.

Our independence is another key aspect of the Harpswell Advantage as it translates into unquestionable allegiance to you and your best interests. Our only selection criterion, for picking managers, relates to best serving you. We are conflict free with respect to the managers we utilize and we have absolutely no economic relationships with fund managers. When a firm limits your investments to the personnel or fund offerings under one roof, the resources dedicated to your portfolio is meaningfully curtailed. Furthermore, there seems to be an incentive for some advisors to choose the funds that best serve the firm and not best serve you! Our independence empowers us to avoid such conflicts of interest and always serve as a fiduciary to you.

Finally, we build each portfolio specifically for each client. We evaluate your needs and specific circumstances and then we develop a very structured plan that enables you to see the path forward. For many institutions and families, we will sit down with you and develop investment policies (through an IPS) and formalized structure so you can objectively assess your performance relative to a benchmark that reflects your goals and appetite for risk. Furthermore, we work with our clients to assess the impact of market downturns, changes in spending/distributions and fees on the long-term growth and sustainability of assets to insure the current plan they are following is the right one. The depth of our services, our unique specialization and institutional expertise combined with the OCIO model translate into a real Harpswell Advantage.

Harpswell harnesses the resources at numerous world-class investment firms and the efficiencies and specialization benefit the investors we serve.